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Staff In Action

The school adopted a people strategy that is founded on developing a learning organisation which helps to foster the values, behaviours and organisational structure that allow the school to succeed in an environment that is continually changing.  The strategy focuses on delivering four key people priorities:

  1. Strengthening our leadership – identifying and growing a strong and stable team of Middle Managers and Senior Teachers.
  2. Developing the school’s capability – building the people resources, capacity and behaviours we require to remain effective professionals.
  3. Building the environment we work in – transforming our culture, ensuring all our staff have full knowledge and understanding of what we are trying to achieve and the role they have in delivering it.
  4. Transforming the way we work – building a school that is fit for its purpose and scalable for the future.

Hence, our staff attends relevant and targeted professional development so as to build and enhance their capacity in their relevant work scope. We continuously look for better strategies in teaching so that all our children can learn. Our teaching and non-teaching staff also regularly engages in their personal development in and outside of school.