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School History

Our Previous School

Bukit Batok Primary School, situated at the junction of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Jurong Road, is an amalgamation of two schools, namely Bukit Batok East and Bukit Batok West Primary Schools. These two schools functioned as separate schools since 1959. However, in 1984, they amalgamated to form the present Bukit Batok Primary School. The school buildings, completed in 1959, comprise two separate three-storey blocks. A new hall-cum-canteen was constructed in 1988. In December 2001, the school relocated to its new premises at Lorong Kismis with a new name "BUKIT TIMAH PRIMARY SCHOOL".

Our Present School

The school offers Malay, Tamil and Chinese as Mother Tongue Languages.
As a 7-year old school with a long history dating back to 1959, Bukit Timah Primary School has a staff strength of 80 and a strong pupil population. We have consistently performed above the National Average in achieving Quality Grades (A* & A) in the PSLE. Besides the achievement in academic area, we have maintained strong partnership links with the Bukit Timah Community and close collaboration with the School Alumnis and Parents.

Our Constituency Flower

It is a vigorous, orange orchid called the Kagawara Bukit Timah. The flower measures 7.5cm across and was picked because its striking colour symbolises passion, optimism and cheerfulness. It is a hybrid involving the Renanthera, Vanda and Ascocentrum.
It was specially created for the constituency and is registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of England. This is all thanks to Bukit Timah Primary School, which wanted to create a community symbol, as well as to start its own orchid garden.