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Parents Support Group

BTPS Parent Support Group is a community of parents who seek to partner the school staff in enriching the school life of BTPS students. We are a group of 240 plus parent volunteers who are actively involved with many projects in the school. Our main objective is to enrich the life of our children by working along with the school and infusing the school’s core ethos into our programs. While actively engaging in many school projects, our vibrant parent volunteers have infused their knowledge and skills and thinking into some of these projects to make them more engaging and stimulating for the children. 

Over the past years, we have initiated some of the following interesting programs :

Our Weekly Programs :

Buddy Reading Held every Monday at the library at 7:00 am. The program provides one-to-one tutoring service for kids who are weak  in reading

English Story Telling - Conducted every Monday and Thursday at the library during recess.  Our aim is to promote good attitudes to reading to the students

Math Fun - Conducted every Tuesday during recess.  Our aim is to introduce math concepts to students with many creative fun-filled math games

Mother Tongue Story Telling - Conducted every Friday during recess. Our aim is to ignite students’ passion for reading in their mother tongue languages - Chinese, Tamil and Malay

Sports Equipment Loan – Helping in the registration work when children borrow sports equipment to play during recess every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Our Colourful Special Events:

· CNY Craft Making (January/February)
· International Friendship Day (April)
· Hari Raya Celebration (July/August)
· Teacher’s Day Lunch (September)
· Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration (September)
· Deepavali Special (October)
· Children’s Day Celebration (October)
· P6 Graduation Party (November)

Ad Hoc Supportive Role in School’s CCA and School’s Initiated Programs

· Support in P1 Orientation Camp

· Chaperones for Swim Safe Program

· CNY Neighborhood Visit by the P3 students

· Cheerleaders for school team in interschool competitions

· Photographers for school events

· And many more…

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Join Us!

There are many opportunities for you to get involved and your participation at any level is immensely appreciated. We are waiting to hear from you.  So please drop us a line at btps.psg@gmail.com


Q: How much time commitment is involved?
A: You are welcome to commit to whatever time your personal schedules allows. Some parents volunteer their time regularly, and some sign up for one-off ad hoc supporting role, and some commit to organize a particular event.

Q: Do I need to have a specific skill?
A: We welcome all skills and interests. From web skills, photography, creative works, math, child development, or if you just love meeting new people. Our PSG members come from a wide variety backgrounds, professionally and culturally. Yet, we have found our own unique way to contribute to the school community.

Q: How do I volunteer? What if I am still not sure of what I can do as volunteer at school?
A: We are just a click away. Email us at btps.psg@gmail.com now!