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Work like a Scientist

Work like a Scientist programme is a Science programme that is rolled out to all Primary 5 pupils who are interested to emulate how scientists work. 

In this programme, pupils will get to work with laboratory equipment used in the cleanroom in our Science lab to grow plants under aseptic conditions. 

Through the course of the programme, pupils will be able to demonstrate the love of learning by showing curiosity. They also get opportunities to persevere and show resilience in the face of challenges, gain new knowledge and pick laboratory skills. Through the sessions, pupils are also encouraged to be open-mindedself-directed and to contribute to each others' learning

Working under the laminar flow hood.


  • To encourage the Love of Science in an engaging, activity-based way.
  • To create opportunities for pupils to be self-directed and to spark interest in this field of Science.
  • To allow opportunities for pupils to use Thinking Routines to think like a scientist.
observe specimen.jpg

Observing our specimen very carefully
science lab.png

Look at our bustling Science lab during one of the sessions
working in cleanroom.png

Working in the cleanroom under the guidance of our teachers
testing pH values.jpg

Testing the pH values of different liquids we brought from home
lab skills with forceps_focusing.jpg

lab skills with forceps.jpg
Honing our lab skills with forceps and other tools
measuring small amount accurately_group work.jpgmeasuring small amount accurately.jpg
Honing our skills of measuring small amounts accurately

Listening carefully for instructions to make our nutrient agar
cleaning peanuts.jpg

Cleaning the peanuts

gaining knowledge.png

Gaining knowledge through the use of iPads