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Music for Everyone

Building Empathy and Resilience

Bukit Timah Primary School strongly believes that music, being a universal language, will fuel the hearts and minds of its pupils so as to prepare them to be world-ready citizens. To create a strong and vibrant school culture, the school has a diverse music programme that not only engages the students but empowers them with basic theoretical knowledge as well as exposure to individual and ensemble performances. 

The school aims to inculcate creativity and thinking skills that inspire and nurture independent life-long learning. Through ‘Music for Everyone!’, we envision that every student will be able to express himself/herself confidently through at least one of the instruments introduced over the six years.

Through creating music, singing and playing instruments, students learn to express themselves creatively in different modes. Listening and appreciation skills enable them to respond and engage with new music throughout their lives. Music is an integral part of society. Hence learning music helps to enrich students’ social, cultural and historical awareness.

Music Syllabus 2008

Therefore, our mission is to develop our students in the five domains: Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social & Moral as well as Aesthetics through music. The school adopts the following school-wide ACE approach when designing the programme.

Appreciation – Appreciation of the environment, nature and the world through active learning process.

Creation – Creation of own learning 

Expression – Expressing of ones’ appreciation and creation.

The school also aims to immerse the students in an enhanced music environment. As students are young, many would like to explore and understand their own needs and talent. In addition to the exposure to the various musical instruments, students will be engaging in songs which they sing or hear during recesses and before pledge-taking. In their 6 years with Bukit Timah Primary School, they will establish their own interest and decide which area they would be pursuing as their life-long interest and be given opportunities to appreciate, create and express them.