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I&E Day

We have been partnering SASCO Senior Citizen’s Home since 2015. The P5 pupils make visits to SASCO Senior Citizen’s Home as part of their VIA activity. At the home, the pupils engage the elderly through interactive activities such as digital colouring, finger painting and origami.

We have sustained this meaningful relationship by getting these pupils to raise funds and show kindness to the community when they are in Primary 6.

Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Day is an extension of our VIA programme. Through this post-PSLE event, our Primary 6 pupils have the opportunity to put their values into action and show kindness to the community. I&E Day is a learning experience where we hope to create socially responsible citizens who takes ownership of their contribution to the community.

After PSLE, our Primary six pupils form their own groups to create items using recycled items. These items are then sold during I&E Day to raise funds for the residents of SASCO Senior Citizen’s Home.

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