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Eco-Charity Drive

Our school held an Eco-charity Drive on the 14th of July and through this event, we had raised awareness among our pupils, staff and community about the environmental issues that our planet is facing, how we can take actions to contribute to reduced wastage and the importance of recycling electronic waste. Pupils, staff and members of the community donated their old books, toys and clothes which they no longer needed anymore, yet, were still in usable condition.

We saw the value of kindness and compassion come alive in our pupils when our CCA teams set up stalls at the eco-charity bazaar to sell the donated items in order to raise funds for MINDS.

eco-charity staff.jpg
eco-charity student_staff.jpg

Furthermore, through this meaningful event, we, as a school have impacted our environment by helping to reduce wastage and learning a new skill through the terrarium and upcycling workshops. It was great to see many pupils and parents working together, delightfully transforming their bottles into beautiful terrariums and weaving strings to bottle holders. 


eco-charity parent and student trying out.jpg

In this day of Giving, we had raised a total of $6 704.85 which was donated to MINDS. (Movement of the Intellectually Disabled) We had also collected a total of 321.5 kg of electronic waste items. We will like to extend our sincere appreciation to PSG, After School Care, Epson, Terra, Eng Kong Cheng Soon NC, parents and pupils for their generous support and contributions towards this event