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In BTPS, we treat that Every Child as an Inquirer of Science around us. Lessons are designed to allow pupils to construct their own understanding on various topics through inquiry and exploration. Hands-on experiments help them to connect concepts to life. Our Scheme of Work also caters for explicit teaching of skills such as Observation, Comparison, Classification, Graphing and Investigation.

SAM (Science Around Me) journal

SAM is a personalised journal that allows pupils to make their thinking visible and express themselves in their favourite style. Its main purpose is to actively support each child to take charge of his own learning. Creativity and curiosity are encouraged in the tasks set in SAM. Teachers use the journal to look out for pupils’ understanding and misconceptions. 

Science in the Learning garden @ BTPS

Pupils observe a large variety of organisms to understand concepts in their life Science lessons – diversity, cycles, reproduction of plants and animals at the Learning Garden @ BTPS. Real-life data is collected for investigations making learning meaningful.

Internet of Things (IOT@BTPS)

IOT@BTPS aims to bring about authentic, inquiry-based learning with sensors.  It involves connecting various sensors and having the data constantly being uploaded onto an online platform for data exchange and sharing. At BTPS, we make use of the authentic data collected from our own sensors as well as those from other schools in Singapore and UK to make our pupils more aware of the environment around them. Through the use of sensors, pupils also get to compare data over a longer period of time and link their learning to life. 

BTPS Sharing Sessions with Schools

As the Science program in BTPS is unique, the department believes in actively sharing their innovative program, knowledge and experience with other schools to keep improving the teaching and learning of Science in Singapore. 

BTPS has organised sharing sessions for the following schools:
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary, Yuhua Primary, Zhenghua Primary, Hua Min Primary and Punggol Primary

W4 Cluster: Bukit View Primary, Dazhong Primary, St Anthony’s Primary, Princess Elizabeth Primary, Hong Kah Primary and Keming Primary.

N4 Cluster: Fernvale Primary, Greendale Primary, Horizon Primary, Mee Toh Primary, Montfort Junior, Nan Chiau Primary and Maris Stella High.

N6 Cluster: Anderson Primary, Mayflower Primary, Naval Base Primary, Peiying Primary and Yishun Primary.

Other activities:

Learning Journey to Science Centre (P3-P6)


Raffles Science Olympiad
Singapore Primary Science Olympiad
W1 Young Investigator Challenge
West Zone Junior Science Whiz Challenge