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Information Technology

In order to fuel our students’ minds, we use ICT to develop knowledge through subject mastery, thinking routines and skills through 21st Century Competencies. Together with our character building programme, we also included cyber wellness lessons and programmes to help our pupils to become responsible digital learners. 

BTPS Integration of ICT  into Curriculum

1. Structured ICT Baseline lessons

ICT Baseline lessons are integrated in the curriculum to facilitate teaching and learning. Besides providing baseline ICT Skills for every BTPS pupil, we have also creatively incorporated in the Digital Art into our P5 and P6 Art programmes.

P1 – Touchtyping
P2 -  MSWord
P3 - Powerpoint
P4 - Excel
P5 and P6 - Digital Art

P5 and P6 Digital Art



2. ICT into Curriculum 

 In BTPS,  departments have also integrated ICT in the lesson packages developed for the pupils. Besides using ASKnLearn as one of the multi-media tools, we also make use of our class google site as E-learning platform. Below are some of our ICT Flagship programmes in the various departments.

    • Moo-O Reading Programme for P1-P3 
    • Internet of Things(iOT)
    • Koobits for Mathematics
    • Online Oral Practice for Mother Tongue Languages
    • P6 Song Writing using Garage Band

BTPS Digital Creations 

In 2016, BTPS created our first batch of digital creations. We produced our first batch of memo-pads with our pupils’ digital art. We value our pupils’ thinking and would continue to highlight their creations. 

Cyber Wellness

Cyber wellness topics are presented during assembly and our  pupils further explore and discuss these themes during Form Teacher Guidance Periods (FTGP). 

Cyber Wellness