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English Language

Our Programmes:

    1)         Journaling using:

a.            English Language Learning Experiences (ELLE) for P1 and P2 pupils

ELLE is a journal that gives pupils space and opportunities to realise that learning English is a fun experience.   ELLE allows them to express their thoughts, their likes, dislikes, and feelings both from every day experiences as well as their readings. Above all, it provides pupils opportunities to use the Thinking Routines to link their learning to underlying values and deepen their understanding.

b.            Tackling English Diligently (TED) for P3 to P6 pupils

TED provides pupils the platform to explore the different aspects of learning English and make it more of an exciting experience.   TED allows pupils to express their thoughts, their views/opinions, their likes, dislikes and feelings via the use of the Thinking Routines.  Above all, it provides the pupils with an opportunity to read the nuances between the lines and go beyond the text to make connections to school values and enrich their learning experiences.

2)    Extensive Reading Programme

i)              Literature @BTPS  for P1 and P2 pupils

ii)             English Magazines (P2 to P6 pupils)

iii)            Little Red Dot (subscription to newspapers) P4 to P6

iv)           Book Flood

v)            Partnership with NLB on Reading Programmes

vi)           Moo-O E-reading Programme (P1 to P3)

    3)    English Enrichments ( Outside curriculum)

a)    Speech & Drama for P3 pupils

b)    Master Scrabble for P2 to P6 pupils

c)    Young Debaters for P4 to P6 pupils