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The Values-In-Action (VIA) programme aims to nurture community builders through empowerment and engagement, and in BTPS, pupils are empowered through “Value Self, Value Others” initiative to enhance the well-being of self and others in the community.

Through progressive learning experiences, our pupils show concern to others and look beyond their own interests to those of others in the family, school, community, nation and offer their time and effort to serve the community.

The table below lists the VIA programmes in BTPS.

School-wide Programme

Level Programme


I’m An Eco-Defender (Whole year)

-       Canteen

-       Classroom

Character Strength Assembly Programme

P1 – P2: I Am Special Programme

P3 – P4: For Pupils, By Pupils

P5 – P6: SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home



Student Leadership – Serve with Honour, Lead with Sensitivity

Our Student Leaders

pyramid shit.png

 ·         Prefectorial Board

o   P4 – Prefects-in-training

o   P5 & P6 – Prefects

o   Executive Committee (EXCO) – Head Prefect, Vice Head Prefects, Prefect Leaders 

 ·         Other leaders

o   P1 to P6 – Classroom Leaders

o   P4 to P6 – CCA Leaders

Our Approach

We believe there every child has the potential to be a leader. A child need not be perfect to start leading others; he/she simply needs the passion, initiative and the desire to make a difference.

Hence, in Bukit Timah Primary School, we believe in giving opportunities for our Student Leaders to serve the school and lead their peers. As we believe in the guiding principle, “For pupils, by Pupils,” we value the voices of our Student Leaders to create a positive impact in their learning community. 


Student Leaders are given trainings by the teachers from the Student Leadership Team. The training will be aligned to the five practices of exemplary leadership (Kouzes, Posner, The Student Leadership Challenge Five Practices for becoming an Exemplary Leader).

Calendar of Events




Student Leadership Training

P4 and P5 Prefects

Term 2 – Term 3

Mentoring Sessions

P6 Prefects to mentor P4 Prefects-in-training

Term 2 and Term 3

Student Leaders’ Investiture

P5 Prefects and CCA Leaders

Term 3

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

P5 Prefects and EXCO

Term 3

Inspire and Aspire Day – Farewell

P5 and P6 Prefects and CCA Leaders

Term 4