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Boys’ Brigade

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13 March 2017

Brief Memo of Boys’ Brigade CCA structure and achievements

    The 56th Company Boys’ Brigade is currently 25-member strong. The main objectives in our programme structure are to provide opportunities to develop our boys in their character and leadership skills. During our weekly parades, we organize various activities – like foot-drills practice sessions, to sharing of stories to inculcate valuable life values in our boys. Also, our boys learn compassion and service-to-the-community by participating in B.B. Donation Week and community care events. Senior Boys are given additional platform to groom their leadership and communication skills when they are appointed into key leadership roles, like being a Squad Leader. We also focus on having fun and developing camaraderie when we organize annual camps and outings places like River Safari.

        In 2016, B.B. attained the ‘Bronze Honours Roll’ award and the J M Fraser Award for Excellence (Bronze Honours Roll) for our CCA performance.

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