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Tchoukball is a team sport that was created to prevent serious injuries among athletes resulting from sports prone to aggression and physical contact. It contains elements of handball (it is played with hands, and the balls used are similar), volleyball (as the defending team must prevent the ball from falling) and squash (since there is a bounce).

Last year, our pupils participated in the Inter-school Tchoukball competition and did reasonably well. Despite having only two days of exposure to the sport, our boys able to win two out of four games against schools that have Tchoukball as their CCA.  Encouraged by the potential and enthusiasm shown by our pupils, BTPS have decided to provide our pupils with more exposure to the sport by having an 8-sessions programme to allow more pupils to know about Tchoukball and to enjoy the game.  Once the programme is completed, the school will officially start Tchoukball as one of its CCAs if the pupils are keen to take up the sports.

As Tchoukball is played by both the boys and the girls, it is a good platform for our girls to have an opportunity to take up a game-based activity.