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Teachers-in-charge   : Ms Shahidatul Akidah, Ms Lorshenni, Mdm Du Ying & Ms Chong Yu Pei (Mrs Wong)

The BTPS DanceVersity is formed in 2014 when Chinese Dance and Contemporary Dance merged. All the members came together to decide the name for Dance CCA and this was how the name “DanceVersity” is formed. They agreed to work as a team regardless of their race and their dance background and tap on their diversity as their resource.



Ms Samantha from JUMP Production, their dance instructor, has been choreographing their dance performances since 2014. Thus far, the members have performed a repertoire of dances such as Hip Hop, K-Pop and Jazz in school and external events.
5.jpgLast year was the first year that they participated in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) after the joint. They practiced for months since the beginning of the year. With passion and enthusiasm, the dancers put up a tantalising performance for the audience


2016 – SYF Distinction