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BTPS Brass Symphonia has a current strength of about 110 pupils from Primary 1 to 6. Under the guidance of our highly committed teachers-in-charge and directorship of our Resident Conductor, coupled with very experienced instructors and specialised tutors, the Band has a very successful and quality programme which emphasises on individual and team musicianship, self-discipline and character development.

As a Band member, there is a possibility of your child getting a place in the secondary school of his/her choice through the DSA (Direct School Admissions) Programme. Many of our band members have gained entry into their desired schools through the DSA exercise. Some examples are ACS (I), Crescent Girls’ School, Nan Hua High School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, River Valley High School etc.

The BTPS Brass Symphonia imparts and consistently reinforces the following 5 values:






Discipline and Commitment are of utmost importance. Band members are expected to attend every practice. Time management skills are also taught so that they are able to cope with their school work. Many of the band members have demonstrated this aspect by attaining the EAGLES Award that recognises their ability to score distinctively well in their studies and also in their CCA involvement. 




Practice Day/Time: Friday (1.00p.m. - 3.30p.m.)


Brass Twinkle is the first training wing of BTPS Brass Symphonia. Each year, about 40 pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 3 are auditioned and recruited, and they attend beginner classes for Band. All of them will mainly learn to play the Cornet at this stage.



Practice Day/Time: Friday (1.00p.m. - 3.30p.m.)


Brass Jun’A is the second training wing of BTPS Brass Symphonia. Band members from Brass Twinkle will be promoted to Brass Jun’A after a year. Here, the band members will be assigned to an instrument that best suits them. Once they are ready for bigger challenges, they will move on to the Main Band. 


Practice Day/Time: Wednesday (1.30p.m. - 3.45p.m.) & Friday (1.00p.m. - 5.00p.m.)

Band members in the Main Band are set for challenges and represent the school in competitions and performances. They work very closely together and are highly committed. Every band member is given an opportunity to be a leader and he/she will be trained and guided by the teachers, instructors and band seniors. In the Main Band, pupils get to attend masterclasses by well-established band clinicians.


Through resilience and perseverance, our band members always STRIVES FOR THE BEST and put up impressive performances at every Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Bands and have been achieving the Distinction award since 2010.


In 2010 and 2012, the Band also had the opportunity to embark on overseas learning experiences where the band members participated in the Winter Band Festival at Hong Kong. It was a great platform for our young musicians to showcase their talents. Not only did they perform at Hong Kong Disneyland, but they also participated in the international band competition and clinched the Gold awards.

With the continuous support of the school and parents, the Band will continue to persevere in their pursuit for excellence in the areas of musicality, leadership qualities and character-building. 

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