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InfoComm Club


Teachers-in-charge : Mdm Rozana, Mdm Khoo Li Ying and Ms Koh Beng Li

Do you aspire to be BTPS photographer?

Do you want to learn video editing?

Do you want to become BTPS AVA crew?

Do you want to be BTPS Cyber Wellness Ambassadors?

InfoComm Club welcomes all IT savvy boys and girls with a keen sense of technology. InfoComm Club aims to introduce relevant IT skills at an early age in a fun way. Pupils will be equipped with relevant InfoComm skills to expand their creativity through different computer software used.

With the help of the IT, pupils are able to apply their skills and creativity to their school project work and participate in the different competitions at the national level.

CCA Day and Time


Every Thursdays


2 – 4 pm

Infocomm Students in Action

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